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Which Milk is Best?

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By Da Beattie

You have probably heard about the impact cows, the meat, and the diary industry have on not only agriculture but many other industries. It is pretty common knowledge that cow’s milk is not sustainable.

While many sources also argue the health effects of cow’s milk, most cow milk consumers would argue the delicious smooth and refreshing taste that tastes just as good in the summer with cereal, as it does in the winter with cereal. With milk instead of water, hot chocolate powder can go from a solid seven to a ten.

So what are the other alternatives? Which one is best? And which one tastes the best?

In an article from the BBC Climate change: Which vegan milk is best, authors Clara Guibourg and Helen Briggs compile data and figures from Poore and Nemecek (2018) which show the environmental impact of different milks by carbon emissions, land use, and water use. Poore and Nemecek (2018) also share the carbon emissions for one glass of milk and how the impact varies by global location.

If you are now convinced to start drinking almond milk, take a moment to watch the Lawyers Guns and Honey episode of Rotten on Netflix. This episode goes over the honey industry, honey fraud, bee thefts, and the almond pollination business enlightening the viewers to the detrimental effects and politics of foods we view as healthy and natural.

If you are now thinking about oat milk, you might have to think twice. Despite being one of the least impactful, most neutral tasting alternative milks, the price is still quite high compared to almond milk which has a larger environmental impact.

If you are anything like me, you might have the next best video idea! A taste test! From original derivative, to brand, to flavour, you could spend all day making special concoctions and blind taste testing them. If you do this let me know! From cereal, to coffee to plain out of a mug, the possibilities are endless!

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