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The Future of Innovation: Fungi, Algae and Recycled Plastic

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By Da Beattie

Just like food, sustainable vegan alternatives are on the rise. While most vegan leather is petroleum based, Bolt Threads, takes a different spin. Mycelium, the root-like part of fungus is their base for Mylo. Although best known for Microsilk, a spider free silk made by geoengineering yeast genes, Mylo is the natural network of mycelium cells harvested. Coming later in 2021, Bolt Threads has partnered with lululemon, Stella McCartney and Adidas to bring sustainable products to the fashion industry. 

While the future of fungi is looking bright, the future of algae is looking just as bright. WNDR Alpine uses Checkerspot’s trademarked algae based polyurethanes to make skis that are lighter and stronger than conventional downhill skis. 

While it is clear that biotechnology is on the rise, there is still never a wrong time to recycle. Using recycled plastic, companies like Nike have created Flyknit as well as Patagonia’s Better Sweaters. Girlfriend Collective, an athleisure company, also uses recycled polyester, nylon, and cupro, which is made from cotton waste. Allbirds, not only uses recycled plastic bottles in their products, their packaging is made from 90% recycled cardboard. 

If you felt entrepreneurial before, I hope that now you feel even more inspired for what the future holds. Always remember, reduce and reuse comes before recycle. 

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