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Academia in Romance

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by Da Beattie

Since this is a school blog, we assume you are at least somewhat into academia. Although it’s a competitive place, there are many exciting things going on, like tests, papers, studying, research.

All of these things and more are in The Love Hypothesis by Ali Hazelwood.

Tropes like fake dating combined with backstabbing research colleagues, politics, and money, The Love Hypothesis is a love story set in graduate school.

If you weren’t set on graduate school yet, this book might sell you. Although not always realistic (who kisses random men in the hallway?), The Love hypothesis is a book for graduate students who are romantics at heart. If you don’t have any enemies, and you haven’t fallen in love with your best friend, The Love Hypothesis is here to show you that fake dating might be the best trope of them all.

The blue and pink animated cover features a science bench complete with a volumetric flask, a test tube rack, and a somehow stain free white lab coat.

Although set in science academia, this book combines the hardships applicable in all academia with the utopia of romance.

If you are looking for a funny uplifting book with lots of science jokes and puns, this book is a great way to procrastinate studying.

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