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The Kinds of Christmas trees

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by Da Beattie

If you haven’t figures out already, I love Christmas!!! Although my previous article explains some of the pros and cons to fake and real Christmas trees, this post is dedicated to the different kinds of real Christmas trees.

There are many types of evergreens that are exploited for holiday use. The genus Abies, also known as the firs, comprise the most common Christmas trees. Mistletoe, which I know best from Justin Bieber’s song, is a parasitic plant that parasitizes larger trees.

The main Christmas tree trees are Pines, Firs, Spruce, and Cypress. Firs are coniferous trees that are thick and bushy. Pine trees are also coniferous but they have a less filled out look. Spruce trees are also less filled out and provide a more rustic look. And Cypress trees, although less common as household Christmas trees and more commonly used as yard trees, are tall and narrow.

The Rockefeller Center Christmas tree in NYC is specially chosen and composed of multiple trees to fill in the gaps of larger trees. Some places have even made trees out of objects such as wine bottle tree.

For a fun at home activity, try making a 3D Christmas tree out of paper or out of gingerbread and sugar cookies!

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