Get Involved!

Please complete the Google Form (button) to get involved with BlogUofTO and the Team! Also, please review the BlogUofTO Rule Book (bottom of the page).

If you have any pitch ideas, which are article ideas or photo ideas that you wish to create or capture, then please fill out the Google Form (button). The BlogUofTO Team will reach out to you once they’ve approved your pitch. Contributors should try to respond within the 48-hour window.

Content Rules

Before you begin writing, please reach out to our Team with your idea to receive approval and feedback via email and the “Send in your Pitches” Google Form. Writing pieces are to be a minimum of 300 words and a maximum of 1000 words. Going over the word limit is okay so long as the writer justifies their reasoning and the Category Editor approves. 

Sources must be cited (either by link or an actual citation) and posted at the end of the piece. If images, graphics, and statistics are used, please cite the sources (i.e., Image Title from Source), including personal sources (i.e., Title (optional), Your Name, Year/Location). Fact Checkers will be making corrections, if need be, or contacting the writer and/or photographer to make changes. 

All material for the website will be reviewed and must be approved by the BlogUofTO’s Blog Editor-in-Chief or another member of the Team.
Articles, photographs, videos, and other media cannot include violence, discriminatory behaviour and slurs, or gore graphics. All media must be directly related to environmentalism. All material will be reviewed and must be approved by a member of the BlogUofTO Team. We will not be publishing any media on our website or posting on our social media if one violates said rules.

Club Policies

BlogUofTO contributors have the right to create and publish material that is directly related to environmentalism. All content must be approved and reviewed by a Category Editor, Fact Checker, Graphic Designer, Marketing Executive, and finally, the Blog Editor-in-Chief. Contributors will be reached out directly by any of these members on any stages of the publishing and/or posting process if necessary. Contributors have to reply within a 48-hour window, or otherwise explain their delay. Extensions are always available, so feel free to reach out if necessary. Please do not take advantage of the leniency of this club.

BlogUofTO is a kind and safe community, valuing equality, respect, and honesty. No means of discrimination will be tolerated. Please report any signs of discrimination or disrespect to us via email. A Co-President will get back to you as soon as possible.

Content Rights

The rights of ownership, distribution, and publication of the published content on the BlogUofTO website and social media (which includes articles, photographs, personalized graphics and designs, personal information, and other media) belong to the independent creator of said content. BlogUofTO does not and will not claim ownership rights or have the right to distribute and publish any content without the permission of the independent creator. No person besides the independent creator has these rights.

If an independent creator wishes to pass on these rights of distribution to BlogUofTO, they must inform us of this. Unless otherwise given permission, BlogUofTO will not inappropriately distribute any content.

If an independent creator wishes to distribute their content on another source that is not BlogUofTO, the independent creator must inform the BlogUofTO Team immediately. Said content will be removed from BlogUofTO by the Blog Editor-in-Chief or a Co-President.

BlogUofTO Rule Book

The button below will take you to the BlogUofTO Rule Book. Please review this Rule Book after you complete the Contact Information Google Form. If you have questions regarding the Rule Book, reach out to us via email.