Tuesday, October 5th, 2021...8:10 am

Where the Leaves Fall

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By Da Beattie

It’s officially Fall! While the weather may be a bit warm for jackets and cozy flannels, the leaves are changing colour and the apple orchards and pumpkin patches are open.

If fall fruit is not your passion but you still want amazing fall photos, Hockley Valley Provincial Park is one of the best trails. Along the Bruce Trail, Hockley Valley can be accessed by Hockley Valley Road where a gravel parking lot runs 100m away from the trailhead down the street. After walking alongside the road for a small distance, the trailhead is an entrance on the side of the road that starts with a small hill taking you into the forest.

For hiking lovers, the trail and its side trails can be nearly a four-hour hike with many ups and downs and clear streams and tiny waterfalls. Although the parking lot may come across as busy and the trail is often quite narrow, the long trail is quiet and running into other hikers is rare.

Although the ground can be uneven, this is an amazing hike for beginners as the trails are well-marked.

There is no need to plan in advance! The trail and the parking lot are free and accessible from the main road.

With the leaves starting to change, the park is only going to get more beautiful!

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